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OK, so, I guess I'm having a Skype meeting with Dr. Barber tomorrow.

*high-pitched internal screeching*

That's really short notice. Thankfully, I was able to rearrange lab time and Jack can cover for me, so I'm able to do it. And then... what? Is this an interview? I mean, I guess it's probably a chance for me to ask what his lab is like, what projects he's working on, and to ask his grad students what working with him is like.

1. What projects are you currently running in your research lab?
2. What projects do you anticipate in the future? Are there any research directions you're looking for new grad students to go in?
3. What is your mentorship style? Hands-off or more directional?
4. Is the panic disorder study still running? What involvement could I have in that?
5. What can I expect to work on in my first year?
6. Do you help students develop their second-year project?
7. Do you have regular lab meetings or one-on-one meetings with your graduate students?
8. Are there specific activities you want your grad students to take part in (conferences, for example)
9. How do you like your students to propose new research ideas? Is there a set process?
10. What lab spaces do you have? Where do you conduct your research? Is it on the Garden City campus or elsewhere?

Questions for grad students...
1. Seriously, is he absent or micromanagey or anything like that?
2. What projects have you worked on?
3. What is the atmosphere like in the lab? How many of you are there? Is it a collaborative environment?
4. Any tips for new students?

Remember, you ALREADY GOT IN TO GRAD SCHOOL. You're going to get a research mentor. Hopefully it'll be a good fit. But even if you don't get exactly what you want the first time around, you can go to other labs' meetings and you can get to know him in person and it'll be fine. It'll be fine. It'll be fine.

I already feel at a disadvantage because I haven't talked to him in person. I should have on Interview Day. But you know what? I felt overwhelmed and kind of shitty and maybe I would have made a bad impression. So. Here we go. All I can do is move forward.

I just... research on panic disorder? Heck yes. I want it. So bad. Wanting it bad scares me, like somehow that dooms me to fail. But I'd rather be excited and then disappointed than not be excited at all.

- Looking at therapy methods for social anxiety disorder or panic disorder is what I'm most interested in
- Uh..... I really don't know any more than that??????
- Whatever
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