Jun. 23rd, 2013

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here was my list of wanted things about 6 months ago. let's see what of it I have and/or have accomplished or would cross off, just for funsies!

(obviously some of these are in process; those are italicized, completed is in bold. or things I have had/gotten when I wanted them in the past year.)

muscular arms + legs
to be 120 pounds
to know neuroscience shit
a white russian
alcoholic warmed cider

new warm fuzzy dry socks
a hot shower / hot tub / sauna
free bus service
to have friends and connections at work; for talking to not be awkward
long slow loving kisses
loving as well as kinky sex

dancing and/or casual makeouts with other people, while still staying happily committed to Margo (the dancing part)
to have something published and/or made popular & passed around on the internet
a fizzy drink
marijuana - a dizzy high! also the act of smoking... i miss it
a rabbit or dog that loves me
they say to ask for a number that scares you... $3500 a month
a huge sumptuous brownie dessert (with no guilt)

watching the sun set in the mountains
a whole collection of fancy teas
wrist warmers in soft fuzzy colors

thinkgeek gift card
to not be afraid of giving blood
to be able to run at 6 or 7 mph for longer stretches of time (like 5 minutes)
deep friend connections - looking people in the eyes, talking a long time in person (Sherrie's a start)
rock climbing
oil pastels
amv footage & technology
a nexus 7
a new laptop
a solid working ipod with better headphones (my headphones are great! ipod still dinged up but pretty servicable)
rock band
free internet (well, we have internet...)
free laundry
(and laundry in the building... still costs $)
a ride in a limo or helicopter
to have sexy sexy hair
to get hit on frequently and take it well
to charm people wherever I go (when I want to)
hot chocolate
tiny sugar and chocolate chip cookies
hang gliding
a crazy awesome free vacation to somewhere tropical (free vacation to Boston!)
a swanky hotel stay with a glimmering pool
a sexy bikini / swimsuit I feel great in
a whole new wardrobe for pennies on the dollar (have new shorts and shirts!)
new foundation, lipstick... lots of makeup really. to experiment!
(got new foundation lipstick & blush, want purple eyeliner!)
a nice snuggly new comforter
new ikea furniture / storage methods
fucking diamonds
a huge fucking birthday cake
to feel at home anywhere & everywhere (feel much more settled than I used to)

pretty pleased with this. will update new want list later!


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